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Oct 13, 2011

harvest moon

As usual, I spent a signaficant amount of time outside after work today. Just soaking up the last of this amazing and blessed weather we've had during this harvest season. As soon as I pulled in the drive, I saw this glorious thing:

They're here! They're here! My cupulas are finally here! I've been waiting on them for weeks. They give so much texture to the barn house. They make me so squirmy and giddy inside!

I ran inside as fast as I could, heated up some left-over macaroni (I was STARVING!) and sat on the deck watching them put these guys up. AMAZING! You would never see me crawling around on a slick roof like that! Bean dust + brand new metal roof = recipe for disaster! Construction workers are brave.

So, after I finished ooing and ahhhing over my beloved cupulas, I attempted to mow the yard once again. Last night I had it about half mowed and my mother in law stopped by to show me a baby quilt she had made for Lindy. We got to chit chatting and before we knew it, the sun had set! I had no problem with that at all. I always enjoy a good visit from her and it had been a while.

 Everyone's been so busy since the wedding that's its been a while since we've caught up with good family and friends. Tonight, I was interrupted again and still didn't finish! It makes me chuckle. This time it was my contractor and I discussing floor plans. Today, on my lunch break, I had a burr up my b-u-t-t and decided to add three closets to our floor plan. Yes, three. I always complain about how the bachelor pad doesn't have enough closets and I've been battle that situation since I've tried to move my stuff in. In reality, I realized, the new house did indeed have more closets but not a whole lot more. I needed more. They say, you can never have enough closets.

So, somehow, a discussion about closets turned into a two hour ordeal. But it always does! We get to laughing, chatting and talking about everything and anything under the sun. My contractor has this pride and joy for his children that's just unexplainable. He grew up Amish so he has a deep appreciation for sports, 4-h and other extra-curriculars he never got to particiapte in growing up. I just love hearing him talk about what his children are up to. In fact, his son is coming over sometime next week to pick up walnuts and help me transplant some bushes. He's saving up for a bow and I thought I'd pay him for an hour or two helping me out with some things that need done around here. Ever since I threw my back out last week, it's been hard getting certain things done. With harvest here, there's no way in heck I would bug the hubby with silly things like that.

Essentially, I never did get my lawn finished. But for very good reasons! I may attempt it again tomorrow night, but it's suppose to rain. My mother in law stopped by again tonight with a roast! She took it over to the guys in the fields and when the contractor and I were finished talking, I wandered over to soak up some more combine action and that glorious harvest moon!

I feel so sorry for the people who will never experience this in person. For the people who have never seen a corn or bean field up close in person. Ride in a combine. See the harvest moon dancing in the fields. Talk to the farmer where their food comes from. My heart aches for those who have no clue that this life even exsists. I wouldn't want it any other way. Thank you Lord for this amazing way of life.

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